0,5ml cartridge with 150mg of CBD crystal dissolved in 1ml C8-mct oil, enriched with Natural high grade Vitamin E and 130 re-combinated natural terpenes.

Used daily, cbd is a great antinfiammatory and analgesic and bring a general feeling of wellness.

Precautions of use

Keep tightly sealed and away from direct sunlight.  Contains no THC.

As 100% natural, color might change with sunlight/warm temperature exposure.


AMNESIA LEMON:  With earthy flavors of lemons and citrus, Amnesia Lemon is a perfect terpene to start your day with energy and positive vibes.

CANDY KUSH: Like the name suggests, the flavor is sweet like candy but with an earthy smoky touch. Relaxing and uplifting, perfect afterwork.

GELATO: It has a distinct woody taste with an aftertaste of berry and citrus and a touch of sugar. Creativity booster and euphoric.

GORILLA GLUE: Strong, gassy and sour aromas. It delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch.

SOUR DIESEL: It is an invigorating terpene, named after its pungent diesel-like aroma. It gives an energizing body feeling and a dreamy cerebral effect.

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