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After years of research, vexpa present itself in the cannabis world with a new line of advanced oils and hi-tech vaporizers, designed specifically for the inhalation of cannabinoids.

Vexpa oils are 100% natural, no pg/vg and no glycerine, something that is really common to find in liquids for electronic devices nowadays. This is what differentiate vexpa in the sector and makes it pioneer in the industry.

The passion for cannabis and natural remedies is what push us to develop high quality products. Using the powerfull properties of plants, we are able to create a range of items, from vapes to edible or cosmetics.

Everything is produced and analysed in certificated laboratories.
The vexpa team, composed by two experts in the cannabis sector, has as its main objective to offer people a remedy that is both healthy and effective at the same time, exploiting the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids, terpenes and other plants extracts.


All our products are GMP certified. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technologies and a strict quality control of our processes. By doing so, we can guarantee that our components are free of contaminants and are of the best possible class.

We start by selecting raw materials in the best available condition. We choose to use the best organically grown hemp, which allows us to achieve CBD products with the best qualities. Click here to visit our shop.